Industrial Relations in Turkey

Social Dialogue matters

The Minimum Wage Board

The minimum wage board’s tasks is self-evidently to determine the minimum wage for the workers in Turkey.

It’s form,competences and goals are described in article 39 of the labour la no. 4857: “in order to regulate the economic and social state of all kinds of workers working under an employment contract (…), the minimum wage shall be assessed every two years at the latest, by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security through the mediation of the Minimum Wage Assessement Commission”.

Decisions are made by majority vote.

The MWB is a tripartite body with the following composition:

  • 5 government agency members
  • 5 labour union representatives
  • 5 employer representatives

All five labour representatives are sent by the largest confederation, Türk-Is.

Only rarely, decisions made by the minimum wage board are accepted by all parties, mostly the labour representatives object to the decisions made by the board. The rare minimum wage decisions accepted by Türk-Is face fierce criticism of the other union confederatoins as the minimum wage remains well under the poverty line Turkey (link).

Further reading:

Ekin Aklar, Z. (2010) An Analysis of the Positions of Turkish Trade Union Confederations Towards Social Dialogue. FES, Istanbul, pp. 112.


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