Industrial Relations in Turkey

Social Dialogue matters

The Economic and Social Council

In the aftermatch of EU-Turkey talks around 1995, the then Turkish prime minister established the ‘Economic and Social Council’ in 1995 and started its activities in 1997.

The council should meet quarterly, on the invitation of the president. The president can call for extra meetings.


  • To advise to government on various economic and social matters that are related to the economic and social life
  • To ensure the participation of the various social partners in the governmental economic and social policies.
  • To promote consensus and cooperation both between the government and these groups and among these groups themselves.
  • To submit opinions, views and reports to the Government, the Parliament, the President and the public, on its own referral. ·
  • To establish, continual and provisional labour boards.
  • To determine, members of Joint Consultative Committee (J.C.C.)

The ESC is a tripartite consultative body which is composed by:

  • 16 representatives of the Turkish state
  • 12 representatives of workers’ organizations
  • 6 representatives of employers’ organizations
  • 6 representatives of chambers

Further information here.


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