Industrial Relations in Turkey

Social Dialogue matters

Social Dialogue Institutions

In Turkey, several institutions organize the social dialogue between labour unions, employers organizations and the state. Most of these institutions are so-called ‘tripartite’ institutions that have representatives of all three sides of the social dialogue. Frequently, it was the process of EU accession that led to the installation of these institutions. The interest of the social partners in these institutions is consequently rather limited, which negatively affects the power and importance of these institutions. Nevertheless, they form an important backbone of the Turkish social dialogue.

In the following pages, some more detailed information on the institutional bodies is provided:

National Social Dialogue Institutions:

All national social dialogue institutions in Turkey are tripartite and thus include governement representatives next to representatives of the labour and employers side.

  1. The economic and social council – Ekonomik ve Sosyal Konseyi
  2. The labour assembly
  3. The tripartite consultation board – Üçlü Danisma Kurulu
  4. The minimum wage board – Asgari Ücret Tespit Komisyonu
  5. The supreme arbitration board – Yüksek Hakem Kurulu
  6. The works council
  7. The national productivity centre
  8. General assembly and executive board of the Turkish employment institution
  9. General assembly and executive board of the social security agency
  10. Provincial employments boards
  11. The vocational training council
  12. The fines allocation board
  13. Turkey-EU mixed association committee

Company level social dialogue institutions

Although Turkish legislation provides some company level social dialogue institutions, Turkish industrial relations on the company level are mostly focused on collective bargaining and reaching collective agreement between unions and employers.

  1. Company level collective bargaining
  2. Occupational Health and Safety Council
  3. Leave of absence council
  4. Disciplinary committee
  5. Industrial Relations council

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