Industrial Relations in Turkey

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The Trade Union Unity Platform – Güç Birligi Platformu

On July 1, 2011 a new actor was launched in the Turkish Industrial Relations: the Trade Union Unity Platform (Güç Birligi Platformu). This platform is organized as an internal opposition movement in largest confederation of Turkey, Türk-Is. In total, 8 Türk-Is affiliated unions are linked to the platform, which represent in total about 25% of the members of Türk-Is.SGBP

According to their charter (also translated to English), their paramount goals is to restore Türk-Is as a strong, militant and democratic structure. Further the state the following: “The leadership of the biggest labour organization of Turkey, Turk-Is, lacks the perspective, energy and commitment required to play a positive role in forging a solution to these major problems. Turk-Is leadership has responded to attacks and on-going, serious problems with hollow statements, sloppy actions and protests, indecisiveness and even with complete silence. Whenever a call of solidarity and struggle rises from the ranks of the working class, Turk-Is leadership turns its back to these calls. This attitude has steadily alienated Turk-Is leadership from the working-class and other layers of the working population.”

During the 2013 Gezi events, the Trade Union Unity Platform actively supported the demonstrations against the AKP government.



  • Basin-Is
  • Belediye-Is
  • Deri-Is
  • Hava-Is
  • Kristal-Is
  • Petrol-Is
  • TekGida-Is
  • Tez Koop-Is
  • Tümtis
  • Türkiye Gazeteciler Sendikasi

Last Update: August 23, 2013


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