Industrial Relations in Turkey

Social Dialogue matters



  • Foundation data: 1992
  • Affiliated Unions: 13
  • Members : 418.991 (2012)
  • Members in management council: 10
  • Current president: Ismail Koncuk


Kamu-Sen is the largest public sector confederation. It has the reputation of being rightwing and most of its members and management members are affiliated to the MHP (De Spiegelaere, 2010).


According to the statistics provided by the Turkish ministry of Labour and Social Security, Kamu-Sen is growing slowly but almost continuously since 2005. It now has over 400.000 members and is the second largest union confederation in the public sector after Memur-Sen. It is only in 2009 that Kamu-Sen became the second largest as they were overtaken in terms of amount of members by Memur-Sen. Before, Kamu-Sen was the largest public sector union confederation in Turkey. Just as KESK, the majority of the Kamu-Sen members come from three sectors: education (Türk Egitim Sen – 49%), Health services (Turk Saglik Sen – 21%) and banking and insurance (Türk Buro Sen – 10%).kamu2012

Affiliated Unions:

  1. Türkiye Egitim-Sen
  2. Türkiye Saglik-Sen
  3. Türkiye Büro-Sen
  4. Türkiye Yerel Hizmet-Sen
  5. Türkiye Diyanet Vakif-Sen
  6. Türkiye Haber-Sen
  7. Türkiye Tarim Orman-Sen
  8. Türkiye Imar-Sen
  9. Türkiye Ulasim-Sen
  10. Türkiye Enerji-Sen
  11. Türkiye Kultur Sanat-Sen
  12. Türkiye Emekli-Sen
  13. Kibris Türk Memur-Sen

References & Further reading:

De Spiegelaere, S., (2010). Power, politics and the Turkish labour union elite. South-East Europe Review for Labour and Social Affairs vol:13 issue:3 pages:327-342

Updated: June 13, 2013


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