Industrial Relations in Turkey

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  • Foundation data: 1976
  • Members (2013) : 166.527
  • Members in management council: 6
  • President: Mahmut Arslan


Hak-Is was founded in attempt of the religiously inspired MSP party of Erbakan. The union defended a sort of corporatism based on the union of employers and employees (Duran & Yildirim, 2005). Due to this obvious political affiliation, the Hak-Is unions took a rather slow start and just before the military intervention of 1980 it seemed like the confederations was about to disintegrate. Nevertheless, after a short prohibition of the confederation by the military regime, Hak-Is could welcome a lot of new members which didn’t want to affiliate with Türk-Is.

With the passing of time, Hak-Is loosened the ties with the religious political parties of Turkey and evolved towards a secular, pro-capitalism, pro-privatization union which is critical for state intervention in the economy (Blind, 2007; Duran & Yildirim, 2005; Yildirim, Calis & Benli, 2008).

Hak-Is uses creative instruments of action in their defense of the workers’ interests. Confronted with the privatizations of public services they founded cooperatives so that the workers could become involved in the management of the new private firms (Blind, 2007).

Affiliated Unions:

Hak Is 2013 %in sector %in confed
Öz Orman 23.780 19,31% 14,28%
Birlik Orman-Is 0 0,00% 0,00%
Öz Gida-Is 20.971 4,03% 12,59%
Öz Petrol-Is 461 0,10% 0,28%
Öz Iplik-Is 17.006 1,71% 10,21%
ÖZ AĞAÇ-İŞ 7.380 3,31% 4,43%
ÇELİK-İŞ 27.493 2,01% 16,51%
OLEYİS 6.357 1,01% 3,82%
HİZMET-İŞ 51.079 7,79% 30,67%
Oz Buro-Is 5.988 0,28% 3,60%
Oz Maden-Is 97 0,05% 0,06%
Medya-Is 560 0,54% 0,34%
Futbol Sen 279 0,04% 0,17%
Oz-Is 1.936 1,01% 1,16%
LİMAN-İŞ 3.140 2,18% 1,89%
KKTC   Kamu-Sen Sendikasi
Total 166.527   100,00%


Practical information:

Further Reading:

Blind, P.K. (2007). A new actor in Turkish democratization: labor unions. Turkish Studies, 8 (2), 289-311.

Duran, B., & Yildirim, E. (2005). Islamism, Trade Unionism and Civil Society: The Case of Hak-Is Labour Confederation in Turkey. Middle Eastern Studies, 11 (2), 227-247.

Yildirim, E., Calis, S., & Benli, A. (2008) Turkish Labour Confederations and Turkey’s Membership of the European Union. Economic and Industrial Democracy, 29 (3), 362-387.


One comment on “Hak-Is

  1. Mrs Atia Saleem
    September 11, 2013

    we are still waiting the dates from President and General Secretary HAK-IS to visit Pakistan as per their promise last year
    Urgent reply please

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