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Union competition at THY Teknik

Another episode in our ever-green series “negative consequences of the 50% threshold system” is unfolding the Turkish Airlines Technical company (THY Teknik). THY Teknik was always regarded as part of the aviation sector and the workers were organized in the famous Hava-Is union (for more stories on Hava-Is see here). The Hak-Is affiliated Celik-Is nevertheless contested this affiliation and, by a recent court decision, THY Teknik was officially recategorized as being part of the metal sector.

While this change of sector seems to be a issue of lesser importance, it has a high impact on the labour relations. Due to this decision, all THY Teknik employees (more than 4.500) are to affiliate themselves (or not) to a union of the metal sector, and not of the aviation sector. So now the competition is open. Türk Metal (Türk-Is), Celik-Is (Hak-Is) and Birlesik Metal Is (DISK) are currently engaged in a race to take over the Hava-Is members and become the leading union. According to several sources there seems to be pressure from management on the workers to join Celik-Is rather than Birlesik Metal-Is (link and link).

Whatever the details of this (currently unfolding) story, the events show again that the 50% threshold for collective bargaining is leading to fierce competition between unions to organize their workers. Moreover, as the 50% thresholds installs de facto closed shops with only 1 competent union per company, management interference in the unionization is widespread and common.

For more examples of negative consequences of the 50% threshold system see:

Published: 09/07/2015


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