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Maltepe Hospital workers fired for joining a union

Joining a labour union in Turkey is still risky. In an attempt to collectively defend their working conditions, about 100 employees of the Maltepe University Hospital decided to join the DISK affiliated Dev Saglik Is union last year. In december 2014 the hospital reacted by dismissing 98 union affiliated employees. According to Bianet the hospital is plannig to outsource the activities from which the employees were fired.

Discrimination against union activities is illegal in Turkey, but according to the ITUC yearly survey on trade union violations (link), there is a lack of legal instruments to fight union related dismissals and other forms of discrimination. DISK now calls for international solidarty and launched a campaign to protest against these dismissals. The international federation of public service unions EPSU published a press release to voice their objections against the dismissals and also the CHP mayor of Maltepe, Ali Kilic, expressed his support for the sacked unionists (link).

DISK is calling on international support and launched this website by which you can declare your protest against these dismissals:


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