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Second Gezi-Park Strike: June 17, 2013

Today, June 17 2013, a second Gezi-park related work stoppage is organized by KESK, DISK, TTB, TDB & TMMOB. As the struggle to safeguard the Taksim Gezi Park escalated in the weekend, 2 union confederations and 3 professional organizations called for a work stoppage on monday the 17th of June. According to the press statement, the work stoppage is organized in protest against the pressure of the AKP government and the excessive police violence used against demonstrators.

DISK is the smallest of the three large private sector union confederations and KESK is the smallest of the three large public sector union confederations. Some other large union confederations (Türk-Is, Hak-Is and Memur-Sen), made a statement on the Gezi Park events some days ago. The press statement emphasized the democratic right of the demonstrators to protest, yet condemned the ‘marginal groups’ which try to abuse the events. These large union confederations thus don’t provide support to the Gezi-Park events. Also Kamu-Sen, the second largest public sector confederation refuses to support the strike or the Gezi Park demonstrators but also criticized the AKP reaction and police violence.

At the same time, some of the branches of the largest confederation, Türk-Is, joined the earlier strike organized by KESK, DISK and others on the 5th of June. As such, Hava-Is, the Türk-Is branch which is currently in conflict with Turkish Airlines supports the protests and performed actions around Taksim.

Publication date: 17 june 2013


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