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KESK officials arrested, yet again

On the 25th june 2012, over 65 KESK union activists were arrested by the Turkish police due to their alleged relations with the KCK (Kürdistan Topluluklar Birliği), an organization linked to the PKK. The KESK union regularly faces police intimidation and its members are frequently put into custody by the Turkish authorities.

An incomplete overview of the 2012 KESK intimidations is presented below:

  • June 25th, 2012: 65 KESK union activists arrested for alleged links with the KCK: link
  • February 17th 2012: 9 KESK affiliated women arrested for alleged links with the KCK: link
  • February 14th 2012: Several KESK affiliated women taken into custody: link
  • January 13th 2012: In the context of KCK operations, the KESK general centre was investigated by the police and several KESK officials were taken into custody: link

From the three public union confederations, KESK is by far the most demanding and active labour union in terms of public action. The leftist confederation is an open supporter of the introduction of education ‘in the mother tongue’, which means education in Kurdish in the Kurdish speaking regions. KESK further organizes frequent strikes and demonstrations against government plans to restructure the Turkish education (more information see here).

Update June 29th 2012:
Although the article indicates that 65 KESK activists were taken into custody on the 25th of June, it seems that the correct number is 71.

Of these 71, 22 are officially arrested and will be referred to the court. Another 16, including the KESK president Lami Özgen are still under custody and are waiting the prosecutors’ decision on their arrest (source).


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