Industrial Relations in Turkey

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Turkish public sector workers on strike

Failing to reach a agreement on pay raises with the government, the three largest public sector union confederations (Kamu-Sen, Memur-Sen & KESK) are calling for a strike on the 24th of May, 2012.

Although the government decided to raise the wages with 3.5% in the first half of the year, and with 4% in the second half; the public sector unions found this insufficient. Union leaders pointed to the 10% inflation rate which negatively affects the purchasing power of the public sector employees.

In several cities demonstrations were organized and train service was halted (source) in what has been called a ‘landmark strike’ for the Turkish public sector. For the first time, the (ideological and strategical) differences between the three largest public sector confederations were overcome and they decided to demonstrate together against the government plans. Memur-Sen did not officially call for a strike but allowed their members to join in the demonstrations.

This event could be seen as the appearance of ‘cross cutting cleavages’ in the Turkish labour movement, or in the Turkish society in general. Facing different loyalties, workers (and their unions) find themselves opposing each other on some subjects (see the 1st of may events), yet form alliances when interests are aligned.





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