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Labour accident or murder?

Regularly, the Turkish society is confronted with series of deadly work related accidents. Numerous workers died while working in the Tuzla Shipyards (link) or in other construction yards (link). Labour unions and civil society organizations frequently protest the unsafe working conditions, the long working hours and the lack of proper training of the workers.

According to the information of the ‘Occupational Health and Safety Council’(İşçi Sağlığı ve İş Güvenliği Meclisi) the total amount of deadly work related accidents in the last months was:

  • January: 62
  • February: 42
  • March: 59
  • April: 87

Roughly spoken this is more than 2 deadly accidents per day (not even working day) in Turkey.

Recently, civilians started a campaign to mobilize support of the public opinion for the workers and their families. Calling the labour accidents ‘labour murders’ they point the attention on the responsibility of the employer to take all measures necessary to prevent work related accidents from happening. Every week they will stage a protest at a different place to raise awareness on the issue.


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