Industrial Relations in Turkey

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Movies on Turkish Industrial Relations

Already for the 7th time, the international workers’ film festival (Uluslararasi Isci filmleri festivali), is being organized in may.

Although most movies in the festival are short documentaries on labour conditions and working in Turkey, some english spoken (or subtitled) movies on Turkish industrial relations have been made in the recent history.

  1. Living like a tree is a short, 27 minutes documentary produced by protection international. It gives a short introduction to topics like the famous ‘KESK trails’, the struggle for decent working conditions in the Tuzla shipyards, the labour day tragedy of 1977 and the currently developing ‘Ergenekon’ case.
  2. The Coca-Cola Case discusses the struggles of labour union representatives in the so-called coca-cola empire in Colombia, Guatemala and Turkey.
  3. 4857 is a breath-taking documentary on the labour conditions in the Turkish Tuzla shipyards.

Enjoy the movie!


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