Industrial Relations in Turkey

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Union Membership – Private Sector (Statistics 2009)

In the private sector in Turkey, three union confederations dominate the field of industrial relations: Türk-Is, Hak-Is & DISK. Every year, the Ministery of Labour & Social Affairs publish a report with the recent statistics on union membership in Turkey.

The latest available data is for 2009 and shows some interesting evolutions in Turkish industrial relations.

Türk-Is DISK Hak-Is
2005 2.067.884 399.676 369.136
2006 2.091.367 408.983 386.144
2007 2.153.272 418.569 394.757
2008 2.216.825 419.021 410.074
2009 2.239.341 426.233 431.550
Diff 05-09 171.457 26.557 62.414
Diff 05-09, % 8,29% 6,64% 16,91%

Türk-Is, is and remains by far the largest union confederation. Its membership steadily grows over the years. Yet, the fastest growing confederation is Hak-Is, which grew by 16,91% between 2005 and 2009. It therefore grew bigger than DISK which is no the smallest union confederation in the Turkish private sector.

Unfortunalty no more recent data is available, as some shifts might be to expected given the stories on the massive membership swaps in the Bosch company in Bursa.


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